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Are these lights manufactured by you? Do you have your own factory?
Yes, all the lamps on our website are produced through our own factory, factory price direct sales and we will provide one-stop service so that save you money.
What is the make of the Lamp beads and Drivers?
Lamp beads use Cree, Philips, Epistar. Drivers use Mean well, Inventronics, Sosen, and our own power supply. Each type of product is different. If the customer needs other brands of lamp beads or power supplies, we can also meet.
Can you do OEM or ODM?
Yes, we can do OEM and ODM.
What is the energy saving effect and life of LED lighting fixtures?
LED fixtures has a longer life, more than 50000hrs. They are more energy efficient than fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, they can save a lot of electricity cost every year. Currently, many national governments advocate the use of such efficient LED lighting fixtures.
Are these a high quality qualified LED lighting fixtures?
Each type luminaires have passed various international certifications such as CE, UL, cUL, DLC, FCC, ROHS, ETL, WET etc. And our international certification is increasing every year. We can provide official certification documents and customers can Inquire on the official certification website as well. As an LED lighting supplier with more than 13 years of manufacturing experience, we are committed to being responsible for every customer and hope to cooperate for a long time.
After purchasing the luminaires, we don't know how to install or have other questions. How to deal with these problems?
Each type of our LED light fixtures has a corresponding installation instruction file, the pictures and descriptions are very detailed. If you need documents or have any questions, you can contact your salesperson or leave a message on the website. We will reply you within 24 hours. whatever you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know, we glad we can help you.
What are the cases of KiLi LED?
At present, we have cooperated with North American, European, and Middle East engineering contractors and dealers. The best-selling lighting fixtures have led retrofit down light, led disk light, led ultra thin recessed downlight, led round panel light, led edgelite panel light, vapor tight fixture, wall pack light, UFO high bay light, etc.
What are the four advantages of choosing Kili LED?
● High quality LED light fixtures with 5 years warranty; The defective LED fixtures can strictly be controlled at around 4/1000. ● Multiple international certifications; For lighting products in North America and Canada, our multiple certifications are ranked high in the LED lighting industry. ● Factory direct sales, reasonable price; An advantage price in the LED lighting industry. ● Valuable service. 24-hour Q&A service. Besides, in the early stage, we can design the light distribution for the customer project, guide the customer to select the lamp, and can guide the installation by the customer.
What kinds of transportation methods are there, and how long does it take to transport?
For LED lights export, our main modes of transportation are air and ocean, the shipping time will be 3-7 days for air or 25-30 days for ocean.
What are the application scenarios of Kili LED lighting products?
Indoor lighting, road lighting, factory buildings, stations, cold storage, corridor lighting, building lighting, demanding industrial environments, government facilities, school public area, courtyards, walkways, landscapes, facades, airport lighting, port facilities, container yard, rail yard operations, expressway interchanges, downtown areas, commercial developments, parks, residential communities, parking lots, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, large retail facilities, cooking place, warehouse, special industrial lighting and so on.
How about the update frequency of Kili LED lighting fixtures?
Every year we will research and development of new high-quality LED lighting products.
How is the safety performance of LED lighting fixtures?
All led light fixtures passed multiple international quality standards certification, they are in compliance with the safety requirements of the exporting countries.
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