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LED High Bay

  • WCE Ultra Thin High Bay Light
    WCE Ultra Thin High Bay Light
  • WCD UFO High Bay Light
    WCD UFO High Bay Light
  • WCS2 UFO High Bay
    WCS2 UFO High Bay
  • (WCS) UFO High Bay
    (WCS) UFO High Bay
  • (LSF) Linear High Bay Light
    (LSF) Linear High Bay Light
  • (LSP) LED Linear High Bay
    (LSP) LED Linear High Bay
  • White UFO High Bay
    White UFO High Bay

High Bay Light Description

The new generation of LED high bay light adopts the appearance of UFO, which makes it more futuristic, longer lifespan, lower maintenance and higher efficiency. Replace less-efficient traditional 500W metal halide bulb with a 35,000lms output at 250W LED. Slim body, lightweight no bulky heat sink, internal isolation high performance LED driver as well as LM80 LEDs, the LED high bay light can also work with 0-10V dimmer, brightness is adjustable as your desire. Preinstalled hook makes it easy for a fast installation, and come with an alternative sturdy U-bracket to mount the LED high bay light to wall or ceiling and adjust it to achieve expected emitting angle. It's simple to replace existing lights or make a new installation. The LED high bay light is ideal for commercial or industrial lighting.

Our LED high bay lights are specifically designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. They focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range.

Advantages of High Bay Light

  • 01

    Slim body, lightweight no bulky heat sink.

  • 02

    Lower maintenance.

  • 03

    Higher efficiency.

  • 04

    Clear lighting, no glare.

  • 05

    Use in tough environments and are highly resistant to moisture, debris, and other hazards that will quickly wear weaker lights out.

  • 06

    High heat dissipation design.

  • 07

    High efficient SMD LED chips.

  • 08

    Energy saving and environmental protection.

Function of High Bay Light

  • 0-10V dimming

  • Microwave motion sensor.

  • Glass lens or PC lens optional.

High Bay Light Applications

Warehouses, retail stores, workshops, factories, assembly lines workshops, large recreational facilities, gyms. storage facilities, halls, event centers, cavernous buildings, hangars.

High Bay Light Certificates


High Bay Light Production Process

KILI-LED's high bay light production process exceeds 20 items. This is an important reason for us to ensure excellent quality and rapid development in the past ten years. We pay attention to the quality of each batch of lamps and the satisfactory results of each customer.

After-sales service process

KILI-LED has a professional customer service team to deal with after-sales problems of dealers and consumers, and we will respond in time and provide solutions. At present, our customer service process has been standardized.

High Bay Light FAQS

Why Are LED High Bays Recommended?
One of the reasons why people are switching from metal halides or incandescent fixtures to high bay LED lights is because of the low cost of investment. Sure, you may come across non-LED fixtures that are a little cheaper. Realistically, though, you'll save money in the long run when using LED high bays because they don't use much energy and can last much longer than other bulbs. Lastly, LEDs are very safe to use and don't produce any amount of mercury or UV rays.
Do you support sample, small or large orders?
Yes, we can support sample, small and large orders.
Can you provide lighting layout?
Yes, we have rich experience and provide free lighting layout.
Are there any discounts on your prices?
Sure, according to your needs, if the needs are large, we will usually give a more favorable price.
Do you provide OEM and ODM services?
Yes, we can provide OEM and ODM services.
What brand of your lamp beads and power supply are usually? Can the requirements be customized?
Our materials are all used international mainstream well-known brands, and there will also be domestically developed and self-developed ones. If customers have special requirements, we can support customization.
Can product certification be queried?
Of course, you can check on the corresponding official website, we provide authentic and credible product certification.

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