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How To Choose Luminaires For Outdoor Lighting?


Many people think that the purchase of lamps is very simple, just need the right brightness. In fact, the materials, electronics, and optical knowledge of luminaires are important considerations.

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Depending on the area of use, the purchase method is different. Outdoor lighting includes street lights, landscape lights, lawn lights, wall lights, spot lights, and so on.

The following describes in detail how to choose outdoor lights:

1. Outdoor road lighting. Road lighting has strict requirements for luminaires. Due to the harsh outdoor environment, it is necessary to ensure the high temperature and low temperature resistance of the lights. In general, choose professional road lighting fixtures.

2. Outdoor architectural lighting. This type of lighting is usually illuminated for high-rise exteriors, mainly for sightseeing purposes, and can be selected for low-power color flow lights.

3. Coal factory, outdoor work lighting. Due to the fluidity of outdoor work, moving lighting is selected. Such as moving lighting car, glare flashlight, glare searchlight.

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Outdoor lighting is mainly based on the different uses above. In addition, the types of outdoor lighting include metal halide lights, electrodeless lights, and led lights. These are the 3 main sources of light. If the site is very harsh, you can choose an explosion-proof lights.

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