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LED Security Light LED Security Light
LED Security Light LED Security Light
LED Security Light LED Security Light
LED Security Light LED Security Light
LED Security Light LED Security Light

LED Security Light

WPFF Series

- Solar Version available. 
- Bronze or pure white color.
- With different part (panel or base) nightlight mode options.
- With option motion sensor + dusk to dawn.
- IP65-rated suit for wet location.
- For both indoor and outdoor use.
- 3 years warranty.
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Product Description:

Kili LED security lights offer superior energy efficiency, saving up to 80% on electricity costs compared to traditional lighting. They provide bright, high-quality light that enhances visibility and security. Their long lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements, making them cost-effective. Also, they turn on instantly, ensuring no delay in illumination. Environmentally friendly, they emit less heat and have no harmful substances like mercury. Lastly, LED security lights can be paired with motion sensors for enhanced protection.


Product Code Power Consumption
CCT Voltage Material Efficiency
KLWPFF-36-XXK 36W 2600-6000k 120V PC diffuse 100lm/w
KLWPFF-36-XXX 36W 2600-6000K+Nightlight 120V PC diffuse 100lm/w
KLWPFF-10-XXK 10W 2600-6000k 120V PC diffuse 100lm/w


LED Security Lights are primarily used in areas requiring enhanced safety and visibility such as residential properties, parking lots,
commercial buildings, and outdoor spaces like parks. They're also beneficial in high-risk areas, including warehouses, storage facilities,
and perimeter fencing, offering intruder deterrence and better surveillance. Their energy-efficient nature and longevity make them
suitable for both rural and urban environments.


Packed in cartons, the same type of products are packed together or different products packaged together.


For LED lights export, our main modes of transportation are air and ocean, the transit time will be 4-10 days for air or 25-30 days for ocean.

International express includes 4 types: FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS.

Domestic express includes SF, Sto, YTO, ZTO, Baishi, and Yunda Express, Transit time 3-5 days.

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