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Not all LED lighting fixtures can be branded with KiLi LEDs, We only produce quality luminaires and all products that arrive on your hands are winners through a series of rigorous tests.


In the eyes of the old craftsman, what kind of LED Lights are worthy of this word - high quality?


Parker has been working on lighting fixtures production since the age of 18, and now he is 52 years old, he said the most important node are these 4 points:


◆  Incoming material inspection

◆  Production inspection

◆  Luminaire performance test

◆  Ageing test


Maybe you will tell me that many LED lighting suppliers say so, but there are very few that can be done. The products we purchase are still not satisfied.


We are a little different. If you don't believe it, you can continue to read down:


You may have such confusion. Although you have several years of experience in lighting procurement positions, sometimes you can't avoid small mistakes. If I tell you, we can help you improve your purchasing efficiency and get more profit, do you believe it?


After careful consideration by our team, we finally decided to make our QC process requirements free of charge! This is also the trade secret of KiLi LED's guaranteed quality.


●  Are all the lamp beads intact

●  Is the wire inside the lamp firm

●  Is the number of screws or the screw holes position are wrong
Is the appearance of the luminaire intact and neat

●  Is the fittings of the luminaire complete


These five requirements must be fully qualified, these luminaires can be labeled and shipped to our customers. If one of the requirements does not meet, they will be eliminated.


In fact, those LED luminaires that have been eliminated by us can sell a good price. However, it is can't use of the trademark of KiLi LED. Because we want to every buyer to get more benefits from high-quality LED lighting, they can have long-term cooperation with us instead of one-time trading.

We insist on doing business with sincerity, we are responsible for the KiLi LED brand.


Our two founders have earned a bachelor's degree, then start a business in the field of LED lighting. For 12 years, their enthusiasm has remained the same. Every year, they go to international exhibitions and lighting association experts to learn about new technologies and products. Therefore, KiLi LED innovation every year, research and development of new high-quality luminaires and regular updates on our website.


Our colleagues talk about lighting every day because we love LED lighting. And we hope to share this love with every customer. For questions about an existing order, product availability, pricing information or to place a new order, feel free to call or email us for any further inquiries, we are glad to serve you.





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