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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Tri Proof LED Lighting


Every space needs light. Be it sun in the daytime and artificial lights at night. Some people use bulbs and some linear lights. Many vast areas need extra support to brighten up, which is done with LED LIGHTS. Many manufacturers combine two linear lights with adding brightness, whereas the best way is to manufacture it as a tri proof light. The led tri-proof light is to name among many. It has the supreme property of one or more hard proof materials and its quality being water and dustproof. It is naturally corrosion-proof that once the investment is enough to make it run longer, the given article will cover all aspects of what you need to know about tri-proof led lighting.



Since all environments have different requirements, the protection properties vary. Apart from the requirements, the lighting fixtures function differently, too. Though generally, the lighting which possesses at least three protection performances are termed as tri lights.

Manufacturing of tri-proof led lights:

To manufacture the LED lights, the companies follow strict policies. Exceptional anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion material are used to seal the silicone ring to lock in the protection of tri-proof led lights.  Additionally, the same process is adopter for the circuit control board. The luminaries are free from mercury and other hazardous material. Before packing, the led light is passed through various tests to endure its durability. These tests generally are drop test, salt spray test, and thermal test.

Use of tri-proof led lighting:

Tri-proof led lightning are widely used in warehouses, factories, spacious garage, airport, cold storage, stadium, exhibition halls, supermarkets, subways, and factories. With that, many palatial houses require tri-proof led lights to brighten up space.


Advantages of tri-proof lighting:

· Lessor no UV rays by LED, resulting in a healthy working environment is acceptable to all.

· Longer lifespan.

· It Saves 85%of energy compared to traditional lamps.

· Low maintenance.

· Resistance to heavy impact and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

· Does not flicker.

· Eco-friendly system.

· Easy to install and wire up.

· Can be mounted or used as suspension.


Types of tri-proof  led lighting:

1. Fluorescent tri-proof light:

It is the first tri-proof led light. It is used in all harsh conditions; hence it is not to be underestimated. It consisted of 0-4 fluorescent lamps and a tight sealed outer casting. The only advantage was that it was pretty cheaper that time, though; the disadvantage was high maintenance cost, low water resistance, and environmental pollution.

2. Tube proof tri light:

This type is the later version of tri-proof led lights. It was highly convenient as you can open the case and replace the tube from inside. Though, the wiring was not simple. Also, the illumination was restricted to nearby areas and had limited power.

3. Traditional tri-proof IP65 tri-proof lighting:

It was easy to eliminate the shortcomings of the previous light bulbs it was designed. It had a PC cover, led light source board, no ballast obstacles, and high energy conversion efficiency. It was also more expensive than the others, but it could be dimmed or even run on a power pack given the increased value. Also, it was highly durable.

4. A Slim batten light:

This type of tube light was flat shaped, hence named batten light. Its slim design required less material, so it was light in weight. It is only used in small projects.

5. Aluminum led tri-proof fixture lights:

This version had an aluminum alloy case and so served longer service life. The two ends were fixated with a cap, so the light is concentrated.

6. Tri-proof light with external wiring:

This light was equipped with terminals at both ends. It facilitated quick installation and facilitated the wiring. Also, it could be installed in a series and connected for increased light. 

7. the IP69K tri-proof led light:

Here, the maximum protection is installed in features. The tight fixtures withstood high pressure, high-temperature flushing process. Additionally, the seamless structure was dust and water-resistant.


How are led differently than other bulbs?

Suppose we Compare the led lights with other commercially manufactured bulbs. There is a vast difference which is discussed below.

· Led lights are a mixture of red, blue, and green lights. It produces white light.

· Led always emit light in a particular direction to keep it centered. It reduces the need for diffusers and reflectors, which traps light.

· Led emit little heat compared to incandescent bulbs, which release 90% energy in the form of heat. Also, CFL emits 80% of energy as heat which increases thermal pollution.


Are LED lights cheaper?

The cost of LED lights varies. The price per bulb is $3 higher than the CFLs. All LED bulbs come with a two-year warranty, and some manufacturers claim if it runs under normal conditions, it could last for more than twenty years.


Global energy-saving campaign and the LED lighting:


If you stand close to the CFL and a LED light or bulb, you would feel the radiating heat but with different intensities. The CFL rapidly becomes hot and becomes untouchable. Whereas, on the other hand, the LED bulb's surface will remain calm.  Both produce the same amount of light, yet CFL bulbs waste a lot of energy by heating up.


The Led consumes 75% less energy and comes with a vast potential to save energy. It lowers cost and comes with added benefits of low maintenance.





The world is shifting towards immense energy crises in nearby future. It is highly essential to use energy wisely. People who have access to modern energy systems are greatly opting for LED lights. To curtail the problems of energy crises, many companies have started to manufacture LED lights as they are affordable. The global energy department is accelerating towards efficient lighting and is extending hands for partnership. These commitments will help all leaders to bring massive change and run entirely on tri-proof LED lighting. It would get more significant benefit in the finance sector and seed up sales of led ti-proof lights. Illuminated places are a source of attraction for everyone to rely on LED lighting and live a bright life. 

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