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Five Lighting News Sites Which Stay On Top of Industry Occurrences


Lights news may seem niche as well as sporadic to those outside the business but if you're in the industry, if you're probably well-acquainted with the quick pace of development. Typically the emergence of LED illumination solutions has busied this news cycle pretty substantially, together with new products and creative improvements making their way to market all the time.

Its not all lighting story will make it has the way to this blog, though. And we wanted to let you know where many of us like to get our business news.

Listed here are five top-notch lighting reports sources that all industry people should have bookmarked:

1. LEDs Magazine

This kind of publication, as you might infer coming from its name, covers a single lighting effects technology: LED. That's not also different from a lot of other lights news sites, however , because the rapid pace of development in the LED world produces a lot more headlines than the occasional fluorescent phase out or incandescent advancement.

LEDs Magazine houses everything from some sort of suppliers directory to brightcolour papers, a jobsaboard, a press releases clearinghouse, and a fantastic news page.

Edison Report

Edison Report acts as a information aggregate, delivering mostly headers, with a handful of full reports and link-outs to boot. In accordance with its About page, it is often around since 1999.

One interesting feature on the site is a "Price Increases" page, which has days news like "Philips Day-Brite Proclaims Price Increase" and "25% Fluorescent Price Increases. 

Such as a lot of industry sites, Edison also has a section for press announcements as well as a jobs board. 

Overall, Edison Report is relatively bare-bones -- both in form and performance -- but is definitely helpful to those looking to quickly look at the latest developments in the industry without having tangled in long, sophisticated articles.

Architectural Lighting

Anatomist Lighting is a go-to web site for designers and lights designers looking for inspiration. Nearly all of its online content is usually dedicated to featuring high-end structures with excellent photos and also in-depth writing.

The web page also houses a good deal of informative material in addition to a Product orservice Directory, which showcases revolutionary products ranging from ballasts as well as controls to solar goods specialty fixtures, luminaires and so on.

Anatomist Lighting is an excellent resource for lights professionals, but may be as well advanced for those who aren't engrossed in the lighting world  everyday.

4. LightNOW blog

Just like Edison Report, LightNOW will act as a lighting news aggregator, just usually with more verbose posts. Intermingled with that type of reporting, too, are thoughts and opinions pieces which are meant to "make you consider another point of look at" according to the site's Regarding page.

LightNOW is easy to navigate, because of a stripped-down, simple structure. Veteran lighting journalist Craig DiLouie provides clean backup and frequent updatesbecause the lead producer of the website.

Energy.gov – Solid-State Lighting News

As opposed to most of the sites above, the particular Department of Energy website -- Energy. gov-- generally only publishes releases related to its activity, like this announcement about a report about flicker meters.

A great deal of news originates on this site as well as ends up trickling to websites like ours or any from the above.

This covers solid-state lighting, particularly and includes a host associated with related helpful educational sources.

Source: Lighting Insights

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