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Tri-Proof Lights-The Best Lighting Fixtures


Tri-proof lights are widely used as commercial and industrials lights. They are called tri-proof because these are waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-proof lights. These three significant features of tri-proof lights make them outstanding for industrial and commercial use.

Tri-proof lights are the most appropriate and suitable fixtures for domestic and commercial lighting when compared to the old lighting fixtures like HID bulbs, halogens, and incandescent. Tri-proof lights are the best substitute for such old fixtures because of the exceptional qualities they have.

If you are looking for light fixtures for swimming pools, dusty factories, parking garages, and supermarkets tri-proof lamps are known the best for so many reasons. Tri-proof lights are popular for their incredible features that you must know.

So, without wasting time, let's get straight into it.

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· Protective Materials

Tri-proof lights are made with specific protective materials. The use of silicon-sealing rings, anti-oxidant, and anti-corrosion materials make them the most protective tri-proof lamps. The outer layer of the tri-proof lamp security or protection box is dealt with nano-spraying plastic clammy rooftop and anticorrosive treatment that stops dust and moisture to enter.

· Water-Proof

The tri-proof light is the best fixture for wet spaces. Their water-resistant feature makes them more effective for places that have a damp and humid atmosphere. The brilliant and consistent light can make any dull and moist space look better. Moisture that travels in the air is also stopped to enter the equipment.

· Dust-Proof

A tri-proof fixture provides the security of an interface against strong solid particles like powder and dust. The dust can have corrosive effects on the surfaces of the lights. It can also affect the cooling of the lamp. The lights thus need to be more dustproof as they can be flammable as well. Dust can lead to an explosion so dust-proof lights are a must for protection.

· IP Rating

Ingress protection rating system describes the level of protection a light has against water and dust. The light fixtures that are used in the wet spaces must have an IP rating that will be able to stop dust and water to enter. The IP rate of a tri-proof light is mostly IP65 and IP66 but they can also reach IP68 and IP69. This is a sufficient rate that makes it protective against dust and water.

· Shock-Free

These tri-proof fixtures are shock-free. Tri-proof light is sufficiently able to support the minor effects without causing any harm to the tri-proof fixture. It prevents the lights to have even minor electric shocks hence they are more protective. 

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Wrap Up

The three main qualities that are dust-proof, water-proof, and corrosion-proof lights make it surprisingly excellent to overcome the massive issues that a wet and dark environment has to face. Not all the lights can have all these three features together at the same time.

They are available in different designs and shapes in the market. Several special features make tri-proof lights better and long-lasting as compare to the old fixtures. They are water, dust, and corrosion-resistant that is why they are the best lighting fixtures for damp places.

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