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What is a Vapor Tight Light Fixture? The Definitive Guide


Lighting has evolved drastically with technology. In modern times, more industries and applications demand lighting solutions that can withstand harsh conditions. Here's where the Vapor Tight Light Fixtures come in, especially with the advancements in LED technology. Let’s delve deeper.


1. What is a Vapor Tight Light Fixture?


A led vapor tight fixtures is designed to protect its internal components, particularly the light source and electronic parts, from external factors like moisture, dust, and corrosive fumes. As the name suggests, these fixtures offer a tight seal against vapors, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding environments.

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2. Features of Vapor Tight LED Fixtures


Sealed Design: The most defining characteristic of vapor tight fixtures is their sealed design, ensuring no moisture, dust, or vapors penetrate the enclosure. 

Durability: Built for tough conditions, these fixtures are usually made with robust materials like polycarbonate or stainless steel that resist corrosion, impacts, and UV rays.

Efficient Thermal Management: Despite their sealed nature, these fixtures are designed to manage heat effectively, ensuring long lifespans for the LEDs inside.

Length: Includes 2ft, 4ft and 8ft vapor tight fixture. The following is the difference between different lengths.

Size and Application:

2' vapor tight led fixture are relatively compact, making them suitable for smaller spaces or areas where only a short length of lighting is required.

4ft vapor tight led light fixtures are probably the most common length and are used in a variety of settings, from commercial to industrial.

8' led vapor tight fixture are much longer and can provide coverage for larger areas. They are often used in long corridors, large commercial spaces, or warehouses.

Light Output:


2' vapor tight led fixture will generally have a lower light output due to their size.

4 foot vapor tight led light fixtures will generally have a higher output than 2ft but less than 8ft.

8 foot vapor tight led fixture will often have the highest light output among these, depending on the number and type of bulbs/tubes used.

Installation and Maintenance:


2ft and 4 vapor tight led fixture are generally easier to handle and install due to their more manageable sizes.

8' led vapor tight fixture, due to their length, might require more careful handling during installation. They might also need multiple mounting points or additional support to ensure stability.


Generally speaking, the larger the fixture, the more expensive it will be, but this can also vary based on brand, quality, and features.


Energy Consumption and Efficiency: While an 8ft led vapor tight fixture might provide more light, it might also consume more power. However, this is not a strict rule, as energy consumption largely depends on the type and efficiency of the lighting technology used (e.g., older T12 fluorescent tubes versus newer T8 or T5 tubes, or LED technology).

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3. Advantages of LED Vapor Tight


Longevity in Harsh Conditions: The protective qualities of vapor tight fixtures ensure that the lights last longer, even in environments with moisture or dust.

Energy Efficiency: With LED technology incorporated, these fixtures are energy-efficient, leading to reduced power consumption and lower energy bills.

Minimal Maintenance: Due to their robust nature and the longevity of LEDs, vapor tight fixtures require less frequent replacements and minimal maintenance.


4. Application Field of Vapor Tight Light Fixture


Given their resilience, vapor tight fixture are ideal for: 

Industrial Spaces: Factories, warehouses, and workshops where dust, moisture, and chemicals might be prevalent.

Outdoor Settings: Parking garages, utility areas, or exterior hallways that may be exposed to rain or other weather elements.

Food Processing Plants: Areas where sanitation is crucial and lights might come into contact with water, steam, or specific cleaning agents.

Agricultural Facilities: Greenhouses or barns where humidity levels are high.


5. What are the Certifications for Vapor Tight Fixtures in Different Countries?


Each country or region may have specific certifications for these fixtures to ensure safety and quality: 

U.S. & Canada: UL/cUL, ETL/cETL, DLC, FCC certified, ensuring that fixtures meet strict safety and performance standards.

European Union: CE and RoHS marking indicates compliance with European standards, while the IP (Ingress Protection) rating system defines how well the fixture is sealed against dust and moisture. An IP65 rating, for instance, means the fixture is dust-tight and protected against water jets. For Europe also includes ENEC and TUV certification.

Australia: The Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 60598, covers the performance requirements for luminaires.

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6. Precautions for Using Vapor Tight Fixture


While vapor tight fixtures are designed for challenging environments, a few precautions can ensure optimal performance and longevity:

Proper Installation: Ensure that the fixtures are correctly installed with seals intact. A poorly sealed fixture will compromise the vapor-tight nature.

Regular Inspection: While they are designed for minimal maintenance, occasional inspections can help detect any wear or damage to the seals or fixture body. 

Avoid Overloading: Even though they're robust, these fixtures have their operational limits. Always adhere to manufacturer guidelines regarding power and usage.

Cleaning: When cleaning, use non-abrasive materials and avoid chemicals that could damage the fixture's exterior.

Vapor tight fixtures, especially those leveraging LED technology, provide robust solutions for challenging environments. Ensuring that you select the right fixture, backed by relevant certifications, and following appropriate precautions will guarantee the best performance and longevity for your lighting solution.


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