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Advantages and Application Range of Flood Light


LED flood light includes the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, longer lifespan, and multiple color temperatures. Professional and high-quality flood light has been liked by many users. Due to the particularity of the material and technology of the led flood light, the currently led flood light is mainly suitable for the following three application scenarios.


1. Building Lighting

Because led flood lights have longer lifespan and support intelligently controlled, they are often used for the appearance of large buildings to brighten the engineering lighting. They can also be used to increase the night effect of scenic spots by using colorful and artistic floodlights. In addition, for some public landmark buildings, LED floodlights can also be used for lighting design to better highlight the characteristics of the city.


2. Indoor Lighting

led lood light is also suitable for indoor wide space lighting and decoration because the light is soft, low maintenance, convenient replacement, longer lifespan, and it can save costs.


3. Commercial Lighting

Flood light has a variety of dynamic lighting effects, it's ideal lighting for stages, entertainment venues and performance areas. led flood lights are easy to install and operate, and can also be used in some outdoor large-scale electronic screen industries. With the improvement of the research and development technology of the flood light, the scope of flood light applications is wider.


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What are the characteristics of flood light?


1. The features of the floodlight include easy installation, angle adjustment more flexible.


2. The integrated heat dissipation structure design increases the heat dissipation area by 80% compared with the general structure design, ensuring the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED, the lamp structure design increases the airflow heat dissipation channel.


3. Special waterproof design, the internal rain trough is added, the circuit board is treated with special technology, and the water entering will not affect the normal use of the lamp.



What are the advantages of using floodlights?


1. The angle of illumination can be adjusted, adjustment scale is accurate and flexible.


2. Wide range of applications. Compared with other lighting fixtures, the size of the floodlight is small, so it can adapt to the needs of a wider range of installation sites. Rugged and durable, not easy to damage, good heat dissipation and no heat, so the service life is longer.


3. Flood lighting is very bright, it can be condensed light, and the light is soft.


4. Energy saving, power saving, low maintenance cost.


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