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Tri-Proof LED Lights, A Premium Lighting Solution!


Tri proof led lights
 are the perfect lighting solution for residential, corporate and especially commercial areas that require an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for the traditional lamps and fluorescent tube lights. The term tri-proof refers to the qualities of the luminaire for being dustproof, waterproof and corrosion-proof. This means that they are safer, more efficient and last for a longer time than the traditional lighting lamps and bulbs. 

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The tri-proof LED lights can be used in wet areas where a lot of water usage is involved with a high risk for power outages and electrocution. A tri-proof lamp can be mounted in such areas to provide sufficient illumination without requiring constant repairs and maintenance. The high quality sealing rings and fixtures prevent the water and dust to enter and keep the lights safe from extreme environmental conditions which is why they are quite popular among people nowadays. These not only save servicing costs but are easy to install and mount as well. 

Advantages of Using Tri-Proof LED Lights

There are many benefits of replacing your traditional florescent tube lights with the new tri-proof LED luminaires. These lights are a low hazard which means that they do not produce any kinds of ultraviolet or infrared rays that may be harmful to the health of people working in the area especially those who work for long hours such as in construction sites and industries. There are no harmful and toxic gases or mercury produced by these lights creating a safer working environment for the people. The silicon sealing rings and the corrosion-free and anti-oxidation materials used in the manufacture of these luminaires protects the lights from harsh and haphazard conditions and fixtures are highly resistant to high impact which considerably minimizes the maintenance and repair costs. 

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The tri-proof LED lights have a longer life span than the traditional lamps and tube lights with a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours. These luminaires save energy by consuming 85% lesser energy than the other sources. The high driver technology stabilizes the current flow thus preventing flicker and glare.


They are eco-friendly, sustainable and versatile. Moreover, these lights are easy to install, fix and mount. They can be mounted on the walls or suspended from the ceilings making them suitable for multiple applications and spaces. 

Applications of Tri-proof LED Lights


The water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof qualities of these lights make them ideal for spaces with harsh conditions and high water usage or dust production. Such conditions used to damage the fluorescent lamps and tube lights that were commonly used before the introduction of tri-proof LED lights making the maintenance and repairing cost high. The brand new LED lights are designed and manufactured accordingly and making them highly resistant to harsh conditions such as high temperature and pressure, which is why they are widely used in many outdoor and indoor spaces all across the world. 

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These spaces include factories, manufacturing areas, warehouses, shopping markets, parking lots, swimming pools, streets, facilities, slaughterhouses, pedestrian bridges, car washes, garages, parks, and many more places.


How to Install Tri-Proof LED Lights


Since there are such wide applications of tri-proof lamps, there are two ways that you can mount these lights. The mounting or the installation procedure depends upon the application or the usage.


One way is to directly mount these lights on the wall. You can use the kit given above the fixtures to quickly install them. 

These tri-proof lights are very easy to install and you can mount them without any external help which is why these are not only cost-effective but time-efficient as well making them much more popular than traditional lamps.


Features of Tri-Proof LED Lights


Tri-Proof LED lights have a wide range of features that attract people to choose them over normal lighting. It provides you with antiglare, low UGR (unified glare rating) emitting a light that is not too sharp, yet bright making it safer for eyes, especially whilst driving.


Tri-proof lamps come in different shapes and sizes with a wide range of designs to choose from which only makes it user friendly and blends in with the surrounding décor and barely affecting the aesthetics plus providing you with high-quality lighting too!       


These also come with features like dimming according to your need which does not only reduces your energy consumption but also lets you create an ambience according to your need.


Tri-proof lighting also includes having an emergency lighting feature that means they turn on automatically under emergencies making the situation much better for you.


How Tri-proof LED Lamps are Being Manufactured?


To make these lamps extremely durable and resilient to withstand harsh conditions, the manufacturers use high-quality materials including anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant silicone sealing rings. These prevent the entry of moisture and dust inside the luminaires and keep the lights safe from any type of shock or harsh impact. 

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The lights do not contain any type of harmful gases or mercury making these lamps eco-friendly and safer for working spaces, especially where a lot of risks is involved.


Types of Tri-proof Lights

1. LED Tube Tri-proof


It is one of the low-cost options and the first type that replaced the traditional fluorescent type.it has a very easy replacement of the light source. However, its wiring is not simple. The wattage and light output of this product is limited with a luminous efficiency of 100lm/w.

2. LED Tri-proof Lights - PC Integrated Type 

This type has the same tri proof fixture as the first one nut the difference is the tube is replaced with LED modules in this type, making it an upgraded model of the previous one in which new functions can also be added as per the user requirements. Feature such as motion sensor, emergency backup that can allow it to function hours after a power cut. PC integrated type is an affordable type with higher wattage and better light output.

3. LED Tri-proof Lights - Aluminum Profile

This one comes with a different and new design, unlike the previous types. It has a sleek appearance and shape catching the public eye towards itself, and is available in different sizes ranging up to 3 meters. Its entire housing is made from aluminum, hence the name, which gives the light a longer lifespan than the other products. It provides you with higher light output and wattage plus all the functions like motion sensor, emergency backup and DALI dimmer. The only con to this is that it can be of high cost which is understandable because of its versatility.

4. Slim Batten Light

The most notable feature of batten light is its slim size which requires less material hence making it more affordable and is a good choice for small budget projects.it also has aluminium housing hence has more lifespan. The only drawback is, due to its petite design the light output is low compared to other products.

5. IP69K tri-proof light

These LED lights come with the highest level of protection currently present in the market, making them the most advanced type on the list. These lights are manufactured and designed to withstand immense pressure, high temperatures. The smooth surface and seamless structure prevent dust and water from entering it. These lights are more popular in commercial areas such as food processing industries and poultry farms.


How to Buy the Most Suitable Tri-proof Light


You need to access your requirements and budget before buying any type of light for your home, business. You need to put all the pros and cons of each product, and then evaluate which type would be the best choice for you. 

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It is better to not go for fluorescent types because they do not last long and are now considered outdated and require maintenance too. If you need it for a small budget you can opt for the PC integrated type that comes with all the features and is of low costs compared to the other. However, if you're looking for lights for industries you should go for the best that is present currently in the market and that is IP69K type with advanced designs and latest technology this product would suit your needs the best.




Tri-proof lights are already replacing the old fashioned fluorescent lights owing to their advanced features and designs. Tri proof light has been proven to be eco-friendly and super-efficient offering the best and brightest illumination with minimum glare. The material used in making these lights make it longer lasting and require minimum maintenance. With the variety of types and a range of designs and costs available in the market, it has become more appealing to the general public and has shifted its use from fluorescent to LED.


 With this detailed analysis and a deeper dig on tri-proof lamps and their types, we hope you can find and choose the best fit option for your project.

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