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High Bay Lights Installation Instructions


LED high bay light, also known as led workshop light, it is mainly used in factory workshops, stadiums, toll stations, etc. The application of led high bay is gradually accepted by many users. Because it is a lighting tool made with the latest led energy-saving technology, its high reflectivity, and high power features. However, a good luminaire requires a standard installation to highlight its advantages, the installation of LED high bay lights.

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Determine the installation height of the LED high bay light according to the lighting environment, because the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the light fixture. Generally, the height of led high bay light fixtures should be more than 5 meters, and the wires cannot be close to the high bay light housing. If the conditions are necessary, the installation time is less than 3 meters, and protective measures must be taken to prevent vehicles from touching.

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LED high bay light waterproofing and low-temperature treatment, select waterproof transformer, the lamp chip package is wrapped with high-temperature resistant insulation material. Not only waterproof, but also prevent low-temperature damage to the luminaire. These requirements are very important when using LED high bay lights in harsh conditions.

High bay led lights wiring main line to the fixture using flat hard copper wire link. According to the requirements of load balancing, it is evenly linked on the three-phase line. For large-scale lighting projects, the lighting fixture housings are connected by PE protection wires.

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