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Types of LED Outdoor Lighting


Luminaire refers to an appliance that can transmit, distribute and change the light distribution of a light source, including all the components required to fix and protect the light source except the light source, and also include the wiring accessories necessary for connection with the power supply.


Lamps are used in all aspects of our lives, our daily life is inseparable from it, and human progress and social production are also inseparable from it. The types of lamps are becoming more and more abundant, and LED outdoor lighting lamps are widely used lamps.

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The types of LED outdoor lighting fixtures are as follows:


1. LED street light

Street lights are used for traffic lighting at night.


2. LED solar street light

Sunlight is used as energy, storage battery is used for energy storage, LED light is used as light source, and it is charged during the day and used at night.


3. Post top light

Most of the light tubes and light frames are installed on the courtyard floor, and are used in parks, street gardens, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, courtyards of government schools and other places.


4. Buried Lighting

Sturdy and durable, anti-seepage, excellent heat dissipation performance; widely used in shopping malls, parking lots, green belts, buried lights in parks, tourist attractions, residential quarters, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps and other places.


5. LED wall washer

Architectural decorative lighting or outlining large buildings.


6. LED flood light

In order to solve the "black hole effect" or "white hole effect" caused by the sudden change of vehicle brightness, it is a special lamp used for tunnel lighting.


7. Landscape Lighting

High ornamental value, coordination and unity with the history and culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment. It is suitable for landscape places such as squares, residential areas, and public green spaces.

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8. Lawn lamp

It is a lighting facility around the lawn, which adds safety and beauty to the urban green space. It is simple to install and highly decorative. It can be used around lawns in parks, villas, etc., as well as in pedestrian streets, parking lots, squares and other places.


9. LED pool light

The appearance is similar to some buried lights, and the chassis is fixed with screws.


10. Fountain lights

Widely used in square landscape fountains, garden fountain background lighting and other places.


11. Stage lighting

A full view of the characters and the specific scenes required as the plot develops.


12. Traffic light

Including red, yellow and green. Signal lights used to direct traffic.


13. Automotive lighting

In order to ensure safe driving, all kinds of traffic lights are divided into lighting and signal lights.


14. Wall pack light

It is mainly installed on the walls of outdoor buildings, and has the characteristics of waterproof and anti-wear.

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