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What is a vapor tight fixture? It advantages and applications


Vapor proof light fixtures is an energy-saving luminaire for wet and industrial locations, protecting the light source from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Tri proof light is a replacement for fluorescent fixtures, these fixtures have a durable housing that resists warping, fading, corrosion, and rust. The impact resistant lenses are able to withstand the weather, and are held in place by non-corrosive metal clips. LED vapor tight fixtures use half the energy of fluorescents, lowering energy cost.

LED vapor light advantages:

LED vapor tight fixtures are lightweight to help make installation easier, and can be surface mounted or suspended. It with motion sensor or automatic dimming, more energy efficient and longer life (up to 75,000 hours). Emergency for 90 minutes and flicker-free.


Vapor tight fixture applications:

Indoor parking lot, warehouse, underground walkway, factory, chemical workshop, station, indoor sports field, farm, cold storage, supermarket etc.


Purchasing quality vapor tight fixture

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