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High Bay Light Maintenance And Repair Method


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1. Please confirm that the led high bay has been powered off before maintenance.

2. Regularly clean the dust of the led high bay light housing and heat sink to maintain good heat dissipation.

3. Regularly clean the high bay led light glass cover to maintain good light transmission performance.

4. Please be careful not to clean with water or corrosive solution, preferably with a dry rag.

5. When replacing the power supply, use a screwdriver to remove the power supply; connect the power supply with the same specifications. AC power supply according to the power supply three cores according to brown corresponding to "L", blue corresponds to the power supply "N", yellow and green lines corresponding to the ground line "⊥"; LED light source "+" corresponds to the positive end of the power supply DC, "-" corresponds to the power supply DC The negative pole, please note that the positive and negative poles are not reverse connected.

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