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LED High Bay Light Purchase Guide - Lighting Experts 10 Years Experience Summary


With the development of LED lighting technology in recent years, high bay led lights have advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, longer lifespan, low maintenance, high energy efficiency, and good color rendering. led high bay is being used by more and more enterprises and institutions in large stadiums, public places, factory workshops, and other lighting fields.

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Product Material
High Bay Fixture is made of the high-strength die-cast aluminum casing, drawn aluminum radiator, high efficiency reflector, and external electrostatic thermoplastic coating. It is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant and durable.

Product Features
1. led high bay adopts LED plane integrated light source, which has small thermal resistance and low temperature rise. The light housing is part of the radiator and directly conducts heat.

2. led high bay use a wide voltage design. When the voltage fluctuates, the total power of the fixture body is basically unchanged, avoiding stroboscopic light and ensuring the stability of the lighting environment for workers.

3. Dustproof, anti-mosquito, save the trouble of cleaning the light source body frequently.

4. high bay light compared with traditional halogen lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, the use of LED plane integrated light source pollution-free materials and purple infrared radiation, creating a healthy and comfortable work environment.

5. Make full use of the advantages of LED instant start, in the large area use of high bay, the luminaire can be activated instantly to improve work efficiency.

Application Range

Mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel plants, shipyards, aircraft manufacturers, large machinery manufacturers, hardware workshops, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, car waiting rooms, trains Station waiting rooms and other places that require high space lighting.

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What is the installation distance of high bay lights?

30W recommended installation height: 3m installation spacing: 10-15m

40W recommended installation height: 4m installation spacing: 15-20m

45W recommended installation height: 5m installation spacing: 15-18m

50W recommended installation height: 6m installation spacing: 18-22m

55W recommended installation height: 7m installation spacing: 20-23m

60W recommended installation height: 8m installation spacing: 23-25m


1.LED high bay light and drive power must be installed in a free space, which is good for heat dissipation.

2. Regularly clean the dust of high bay light and driving power to ensure good heat dissipation.

One light can be 4~6 meters apart. If it needs to be brighter, according to 4 meters (16 squares meters each light), 80*100/16=500 lights. If not too bright, according to 6 meters (36 squares meter each light), 80*100/36=222 lights

It is usually used in coal mines, warehouses, etc. Where long-term lighting is required, and places where the color rendering index is not demanding. The definition of a good manufacturer is not very accurate, mainly depends on your positioning of the product price. Good materials will give quality assurance to good products.

How to choose high bay light in the industry?

As an ordinary consumer, we may choose products more considering the price of the product, followed by the appearance quality, etc. Sometimes the price exceeds the budget and we will choose to abandon the purchase of the product. However, the choice of led high bay in industrial applications must put the price factor in a secondary position. This does not mean that products price is not important but rather chooses a more cost-effective product. How can we choose a product that is more suitable for our needs? The following is a brief introduction to the purchase method.

First, choose according to actual needs

For example, coal, petroleum, chemical, and other industries should not only consider whether the lighting demand can meet the requirements, but also the factors such as dustproof and waterproof, and even need to consider the explosion-proof requirements. This restricts the first problem of our choice of LED lights. We bought ordinary led high bay, which can't meet the requirements for energy saving. The price is low when buying, but the maintenance cost is high when using. We can accept the price of ordinary LED lights, but the safety of use is not guaranteed. The light needs often to be replaced during the use of the lamps. It will cause a lot of trouble with our work. Generally, most factory workshops have a certain height. Lights replaced need to equipped with professional escalators or lift trucks, which increases our invisible input costs. Therefore, this type of companies chooses lights to consider whether the products meet the requirements of national quality standards, whether they have passed the certification of explosion-proof and so on.

Second, consider the comprehensive cost-effective choice

LED high bay light, especially the LED high bay light that has passed the explosion-proof certification, military certification, quality system certification, etc. Because the selection of materials and production testing will strictly enforce national standards, and will not use poor quality materials to reduce product costs, so the price is higher than ordinary lamps. However, purchases of high quality products, which not only saves the cost of electricity, also save the cost of re-purchasing, repairing and replacing the light fixture. More importantly, it provides a reliable guarantee for our safety lighting.

Third, the appropriate power, illumination, and color temperature

This point is particularly professional. The power of LED industrial and mining lamps should be selected according to the actual lighting area. The high power will cause waste of electricity resources, and the power is too low to meet the lighting requirements. Besides, the illumination angle and color temperature of the lamps are also important, and the production workshop requires high resolution. For example, the textile industry needs high-resolution lamps, we recommend the use of products with a color temperature value of around 6000K, illumination angle and other conditions that meet the requirements.

Buy led high bay summary

When buying LED high bay lights, if you put the price in the first place, that is not true because it will affect your thoughts. Now there are more businesses in various industries, including trading companies and personal business models, resulting in diversified market prices and quality gaps.

Based on more than ten years of experience in the market analysis: most customers encountered the situation; the price is too low, afraid to buy, the price is too expensive to dare buy. The buyer frequently hesitated, they don't know how to choose. The main reason is that we don't know what issues to focus on when buying LED high bay lights.

First: Look at the quality (configuration) of LED high bay lights

First of all, what brand of LED high bay light chip is used, the imported first-line brand has high luminous efficiency, long life, low light decay, and stable performance. Secondly, look at the power supply. The poor quality of the power supply is basically insufficient power, that is, you take the 100w light fixture, which is actually 40-50w, which will affect the lifespan of the fixture. Then look at the material of the light housing. The price of the light depends on the quantity and purity of the aluminum. The imported pure aluminum is used, the heat sink is large, and the use of aluminum materials will increase. Only used good materials to ensure the heat dissipation effect of the lights. Besides, the electrical box of the lamp should be pure aluminum, Some cast iron is not good for heat dissipation.

Second: talk to the supplier about the company

Communicate with suppliers to determine whether is professional, also to ensure the authenticity of the materials used and process normative. Some small companies have poor quality lamps and sell them to you at very cheap prices. After a few months, the light fixtures are damaged. When you contact them, their company has closed down or changed the company name to continue to deceive consumers.

Third: talk to suppliers about prices.

Ask the supplier's price system, not the specific product price, so that you can clearly understand the price space, so you can see how much the price of the product you need. Then tell the product name and product demand, talk about so much, the supplier can only reasonably quote. 

Fourth: place orders in time.

Don't hesitate if you have already confirmed the details with a supplier, be quick, because the supplier will respond to you quickly as well. If you delay the purchase of the order for a long time, the supplier will also drag the time when you are ready for stocking. Quality suppliers have many stable cooperative customers, Generally speaking, there is professional staff to make production plans. When the supplier processes the order, they usually arrange the production according to the importance degree and order time. Therefore, you fast, your supplier will be fast.

Source: LED Lighting Experts Say

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